Dale Atkerson

Dale Atkerson

Dale started on knives about 2002 by purchasing a few knife kits from Jantz Supply.  These were gifts for Christmas and birthdays and seemed to not quite satisfy his desire to make the complete knife.

He was given a name and address of a gentleman and was told he could help him get started.  He spend several hours over the next few months, sitting and  talking to George Englebretson in his shop about knife making.  With George’s help and heat treating advice, Dale was able to make a functional knife.

After 4 or 5 knives, George said, “Well, your getting there”, which was taken as a compliment.  Shortly after that, I had to postpone my knife making till Thanksgiving of 2011.  Now Dale is remembering all the conversations he had with George and doing the best he can.

Dale can be reached at 129 W. Adams, Purcell, Oklahoma.   73080.  His phone number is 405-409-2183.

I will put up pics of his knives as they become available.