The Knife Group Association was started by a small group of knife making friends around eastern Oklahoma in the fall of 2003. As we added more of our friends and others from the surrounding area that have become our friends, we grew to about 90 members. One reason for our rapid growth was that we charged no membership dues and just kind of pitched in to help with the expenses when we had a meeting. We tried to have meetings similar to the shop tours of the Arkansas Knifemakers Association and to include a few demonstrations by members. This had worked alright in the beginning. We now have the expenses of the large mailing of our newsletters, trying to establish a custom knife show and web site for its members. We plan on having the custom knife show in Henryetta, Oklahoma on the week end of November 12, 2005, Dee Boones Birthday. We will know more details of this show at a later date and will post the particulars on this web site.

The logo of the KGA was voted on by its members and the motto was written in Cherokee to make people ask what it says. ᎭᏰᎵᏍᏗ, ᎠᏍᏕᏯ ᎠᎬᏱ  ᎤᏙᏗ It says “Knives, Man’s First Use”. The Cherokee do not have a word for “tool” and what ever you “use”, that is a tool. Hopefully, they will take a few minutes to ask about the organization and its purpose. Our main purpose is to educate and share our knowledge of knives through our meetings and sponsoring the one Custom Knife Show a year. The knife show will be for makers to display and sell their products while educating the public.

In December, David Etchieson, the secretary of the Arkansas Knifemakers Association, loaned me the Bylaws of the AKA. I have used those as an example for the Knife Group Association. We are now waiting to have them looked at to make sure we will be able to be a non profit educational organization.

Thanks you for looking at our site and we would like to welcome you to come to one of our meetings and the Custom Knife Show. The requirement for joining is that you are interested in knives and are willing to share your information about them with others. We have members that forge, stock removal, kit, and collect knives of all sorts. If you are interested in promoting the use and image of knives, please feel free to join. There will be a page for upcoming events of the KGA later.

Ray Kirk, Sec/Treasurer KGA

KGA Secretary