Shop tour for Spring of 2016 May 7, 2016

Shop tour for Spring of 2016

May 7, 2016

The KGA shop tour will be on May the 7th at the home of Ray Kirk, just south of Tahlequah.  25494 So. 530 Road, Park Hill, OK  74451 is the physical address.  South of Tahlequah on Hwy 82 to Horse shoe Bend Road.  Go east on Horseshoe bend road for 1.1 mile and turn right (south)  on gravel road, 530 Road.
The agenda will be a leather sheath making demo by Mike Miller and using social media by Tracy Roach.  These will be in the morning.
After lunch, we will have the drawing for the iron in the hat and draw for the grand prize, a damascus integral with stag.  Mike will use it to make his sheath and the winner of the knife will have the sheath mailed to them.
After all this excitement, there will be a group picture and depending on the time, there will be some knife forging demos.
The special event will be Rusty Polk and Roger Comar taking their performance test for the JS stamp of the American Bladesmith Society.  This will involve cutting a 1” free hanging rope, chopping a 2×4 in half twice, then shaving the hair from their arm.  After the test to see how will it can cut and hold an edge, the knife will be dulled and then bent 90 degrees.  If it passes, they will have passed the performance part of the requirement needed to attain their Journeyman Smith stamp from the American Bladesmith Society.
 I have invited the Chief of the Cherokee Nation to attend and he may be able to also witness the performance test.  If he is able to attend, I will ask him to also sign their test results.  Roger is also a Cherokee from North Carolina.
The fare for lunch will be chili, beans, and smoked hot dogs for those that would like them.  I will also be making cornbread to go with the chili.  Side dishes are welcome.
There will be tail gate sales and lots of visiting.
 There is expected to be close to 100 participants at this one.  We keep getting more each year and we have more fun each year.
If you have an item for the iron in the hat, it is very welcome.  This is how we pay for the event as we don’t charge for anything.  The demonstrators have been kind to donate their time and supplies at times to show others a technique, skill, or other needed information that can pertain to knife making.  We are blessed with a lot of knowledgeable makers that come each year to participate in our activities and share with us.
Ray Kirk

Grand prize for Iron in the Hat

Grand prize for Iron in the Hat

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