MAY 2ND, 2015

The KGA shop tour will be held at the home of Ray Kirk.

Time is from 10:00 AM till around 4:00 PM

Also, could you bring a chair if you have one, there will be a good crowd here and I am not sure I have enough.

The KGA shop tour for May 2nd will not be able to have Bill Coye demonstrate.  Bill found out he had a previous obligation and will be unable to demonstrate at this one.
As of this time we will be doing one presentation by Calvin Harkins on social media for the knife business and a forging class for attendees that will be forging the small dia 52100 round bar into a small carving knife.  I will have the wood handles pre drilled to the diameter of the rod and a bunch of JB Quik for the handle attachment if needed.  We will do a flash temper on the steel and that may be good enough for the small knife and its uses.
If some one would like to see a certain type of demonstration, please let me know pretty quick so I can try to arrange it.
The address of the shop tour is 25494 So. 530 Rd., Park Hill, Ok  74451.  My cell is 918-207-8076
Don’t forget to let me know if your planning on being here and the number of guests in your party.  This is to help plan on the amount of food to serve.
Tail gates sales are all day and the iron in the hat is after lunch.  I will have another nice knife for the grand prize this year so a ticket bought for the other items will automatically go into the drawing for the grand prize.

The main course will be pulled pork with potato salad and beans.  Side dishes are welcome, especially pecan pie.

This is the knife kit you can use to make your own knife in the afternoon forging class.  A predrilled cedar block from a 100+ year old cedar tree, a 7″ piece of 3/8″ dia. 52100 and some fast epoxy to help eliminate waiting time.

For those that was present at the Facebook for business presentation.  My daughter said she forgot to tell all makers to be friends with your customers.  When you sell them a knife, take a pic and tag them in the photo.  That way all their friends can also see them and hopefully, a smiling face. 🙂


There were over 40 that signed the guest book and we had a great time.


Gary Robertson won first choice of the grand prize drawing of the Iron in the Hat and he chose the Raker Medicine Blade.  Jim McGuinn was the second ticket drawn and he got the Gary Crowder folder.  Two happy winners.

The afternoon was spent forging knives in the back yard.  We had two forges going and a lot of enthusiasm for some that had also never done any forging.  They did a great job and several had to take them home and complete them.  Just not enough time to get every ones done.

As I get some more pics, I will post them on the web site.