Knife Group Association

of Oklahoma


Knives, Man's First Use (Written in Cherokee)

Knives, Man’s First Use

(Written in Cherokee)


KGA Officers

Mike Miller – President

Sandy McClure – Vice- President

Ray Kirk – Secretary/Treasure

Board Members

Brion Tomberlin   Jerry McClure   Gary Crowder   Lee Ferguson

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The shop tour will be held at the home of Jerald Nickels in Perkins, OK on Saturday,  the 2nd day of October, 2021.  It will be from about 10:00 till around 4:00.

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The Mid-States Knife show and Hammer In  is to be held in Gentry, Arkansas on the 11th of September this year, 2021.  It will be held at the Tired Iron at 13344 Taylor Orchard Road, Gentry, AR  72734.

One of the demonstrations will be the performance test for American Bladesmith Society’s Journeyman Smith.  Alan Kirby will be performing his performance test for the public to see.  There will be several demos and lots of knives and supplies at the hammer-in/knife show.