Roy Miller

I have always been involved in metal fabrication and welding, and even studied metallurgy in the 80's. However my love affair with knife making started early this century after watching a blacksmith at a medieval fair. My son and I were already working on a pair of knives from old files but when I saw the forge I had to have one. I began reading everything I could find about forging and knife making. Soon I built my first charcoal forge and was making hardwood charcoal out back, (the fire department loved that). We forged our first knives from coil springs of 5160. Now we use a gas forge and have built our own 24 ton press to make damascus faster. There are so many facets to custom knife making that every knife is a new adventure.
I am a lifetime member of the Knife Group Association of Oklahoma and have a table at the clubs show in Tulsa, OK every September. My knife shop is located in the front of a great transmission shop "my day job" in downtown Bethany, OK. 

 Email address is and phone number is 405-354-8174.  I also have a new web site and the address is .

Below are a few of the knives I have made.  Thanks for looking.


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