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Links of Interest


Other Knife Organizations;

American Bladesmith Society                                                    Arkansas Knifemakers Association

Alabama Forge Council                                                                 Knife Makers Guild   

Saltfork Craftsman                                                           Charles Conner  (Scrimshaw Artist)

Kansas Custom Knifemaker's Association                     Brazilian Knife Makers Association  



Members Web Sites

Lee and Linda Ferguson                                                               Ray Kirk

John Martin                                                                                     Cliff and Rusty Polk

Jerry Lairson, Sr.                                                                            Michael F. Gibbons

Sandy McClure                                                                    Brian Tomberlin                                                              

Gary Mulkey                                                                       Roland Quimby                                                               

Michael E Miller                                                               Steve Culver 

Ron Reeves                                                                          Larry Parsons



Knife Supplies

www.giraffebone.com :  African handle material (Nico Bernard's), damasteel, and powdered steels sold by Sandy and Jerry McClure

www.texasknife.com : Texas Knifemakers Supply of Houston, Texas. Sells knife supplies and heat treating services.

www.riversidemachine.net : Uncle Al Lawrence of DeQueen,  Ar.  Specializing in the needs for the forged blade.

www.knifeandgun.com : Knife supplies, equipment, and custom stabilizing.

www.popsknifesupplies.com  . James and Kay Poplin of Georgia for knife supplies

www.knifemaking.com  .  Jantz Supply of Davis, Oklahoma for parts, kits, and machinery

www.brownells.com  Brownell's



Knife Magazines

www.tacticalknives.com                                                               www.knivesillustrated.com

www.blademag.com                                                        www.knifeworld.com

Knife Purveyors                                                             

 A. G. Russell



Forums, for Knife Discussion and Education






If you have a web site that will fit in the categories listed above and wish to trade links, contact the KGA secretary at kniffers@theknifegroup.com

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