Jerry Parkhurst

The Gadget Company

Jerry owns the Gadget Company that is located 104 E. 15th st., Tulsa, OK  74119 and his phone is 918-749-9963.  He can also be reached at .  As of July 1, 2009, his web site is

Jerry buys and sells custom knives and other items of interest to the traveler and collector.  He attends several of the major knife shows every year to purchase needed custom and factory knives for his store.  Each year he hands out our fliers and tells his customers about the Oklahoma Custom Knife show that will be held in Tulsa at the Civic Center on August 29, 2009

This year Jerry is holding an open house at the Gadget Company on the same day as our show.  His shop is less than a mile from the show so customers and makers can visit both events. 

On Saturday, August 29, from 10am-4pm.  We will be having a free cookout that will be offered from 11-2, and we will be having lots of give a ways.  We will also be offering a 10% discount that day on all the products in the store, except for our custom knife pieces, that discount will also be included on Orvis special orders..   




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