David Dill


Dave is a maker of scale release automatics.  He can be reached at 7404 NW 30th Street in Bethany, Oklahoma. 73008.  His phone number is 405-603-3759 and his email is dilldavidj@gmail.com


Scale release Auto.  3" blade of 440-C, mirror polished, ebony handles, turquoise inlays, fileworked and engraved bolsters.


Another scale release auto with 3 1/2" blade of 440-C that is mirror polished.  It has burl ironwood scales and is fileworked with engraved bolsters.


This scale release auto has a 3" blade of 440-C, mirror polished and iron wood scales.  The scales are inlaid with mother of pearl in a buck track design with engraved bolsters and file work.